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The Gig Economy Its Discontents

ARTICLE  |   July 22, 2019

The “inside the app” tipping policies for the gig economy food delivery apps mentioned in the NY Times article are indeed dismal. Is there a better way?

Don’t Ever Lose This

ARTICLE  |   June 25, 2019

What if you bought one thing and the merchant delivered something else? What if you told someone a secret and then they turned around and told everyone?

The Real Uber Revolution

ARTICLE  |   May 09, 2019

I lived and worked in New York City for the majority of the 90s and about 80% of the 2000s. If you were there during those years you can probably easily identify with the exasperating experience of hitting the street anywhere in Manhattan right around rush hour and seeing EVERY cab in the city with its “Off Duty” sign lit.

Mad as Hell

ARTICLE  |   APRIL 16, 2019

The interesting thing to me was not that I was being targeted…that notion does not rock my world…what’s interesting to me was the tracking and targeting jumped from one totally unrelated platform to another, i.e. Google to Hulu and resulted in a custom broadcast tv-level ad.



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