The Social Scourge of Digital Distraction

The first episode of season 2 takes a deep look into digital distraction. Our daily lives are full of it.

The screens we stare at all day create so much mental noise - notifications, messaging, instagram, email-checking, multi-screen multi-tasking desk setups. Distraction is everywhere.  So how do you stay focused and how do you keep your people concentrated on the intellectual undertaking of effective execution?

We dive into what it means to be distracted, how to be present, understanding and dealing with the “noise” of digital distraction, and finally into practicing mindfulness. Enjoy!

Digital Distraction Episode Notes:
Yuval dives into his experience learning from Thich Nhat Hanh - the great Vietnamese Buddhist monk who effectively brought the notions of mindfulness to the West and who passed away early this year, learn more about Thich Nhat Hanh’s work, and his books through his Center for Mindfulness at Plum Village and his foundation’s website - Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.

Yuval Brisker

Yuval Brisker

Yuval is the CEO and co-founder of Alviere. Prior to Alviere, Yuval co-founded TOA Technologies, the leading global provider of field service management SaaS solutions.

He led TOA over 40 straight quarters of recurring revenue growth, raising $133m in capital from Draper, Intel Cap & TCV. Oracle acquired TOA in the summer of 2014 for the highest multiple they had paid for a company to date.

TOA is now Oracle Field Service, its own pillar in Oracle Service Cloud. Under Yuval’s leadership TOA grew from a two-man start-up based in Cleveland, OH to over 700 employees worldwide in over 20 countries, including the 7 largest countries in Latin America, and numerous name brand customers including Cox Communications, Dish, Liberty Mutual, Virgin Media, Telefonica, Home Depot and more.

Before founding TOA, Yuval spent years growing and managing technology ventures. He has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and almost completed an MA in Cinema Studies from New York University. Yuval was a Captain in the Israeli Air Force.