AI Part 2: Good enough is the greatest enemy of great.

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This is a transformational time, and live all transformational times, you have to go down to go up.

The topic of most conversations we hear these days related to AI are about people’s jobs being replaced, what can it do FOR you, and how can it make your life easier.

We must remember though, greatness is based on originality, creativity, and bold actions that have never been taken before - now, can AI do that?

Jay Saling and I sat down for a part 2 of our AI conversation and had a friendly debate on the positive or negative (or both) impacts of AI in our future everyday life, and beyond.

If you haven't seen the article that Jay references from Mark Andreson, "Why AI Will Save The World," click here to check it out.

Enjoy the episode and remember, stay creative, stay alive.

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