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The Partnership | Episode 2

PODCAST  |   Nov 22, 2019  |   00:24:14

The Partnership. Catch up with Mezu’s CEO, Yuval Brisker, as he shares his thoughts on why he’s a huge believer in partnerships. There’s so much more to a partnership than what it seems at the surface. Come get your Jolt of Yuvalocity.

Privacy is the Issue of Our Age | Tearsheet Podcast

PODCAST  |   May 9, 2019  |   00:21:22

Privacy is quickly becoming the defining issue of our Age. I was recently interviewed on the Tearsheet Podcast discussing the pivotal role Mezu is playing in protecting payment privacy and how Mezu gives our users choice in the ways they pay.

Am I Insane? | Episode 1

PODCAST  |   APRIL 23, 2019  |   00:18:32

Ah yes! The first episode of “A Jolt of Yuvalocity!” Join Mezu’s CEO, Yuval Brisker, on the insane journey entrepreneurs go through to reach success. Is Yuval insane for starting another company right after selling his previous business to Oracle?




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Being an entrepreneur always comes with a long list of challenges. The ups, downs, twists and turns can drive any business owner crazy and having to navigate the unknown waters of a new venture, where can they turn? Follow Alviere's CEO, Yuval Brisker, as he shares his deep rooted experience as an entrepreneur, growing organizations, and working through the quirks that challenge business owners today. No cup of coffee needed, just A Jolt of Yuvalocity.



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